it's Baz!

Writer / Technologist / Sound Designer
My specialisation

Digital creative with a Masters in Journalism, specialised in Analytics, SEO, Content Marketing, UX and Sound design.

Front-End Web Design

Self-taught web designer. After loads of time spent writing copy for websites, I figured I’d start making them too.

SEO and Content Marketing

A writer-by-trade with a Masters in Journalism, I transferred these skills after the “death of print” circa 2008.

Analytics and User Experience

Analytics and strategy is my sweet spot. Combine this with UX chops and we have lift-off.

Sound and Music Production

Music is my passion. I have mixed audio for commercials and film. Very active in the electronic music scene.

Current Projects

ETA 2021
Signal (Sounds for Life)
Open source sound therapy

Currently in the research and testing phase. This project aims to provide a knowledge and distribution platform for sound therapy and performance.

ETA 2022
Surviving and Thriving: your twenties (global crisis edition)

Early career memoirs living in Sydney, Australia during the global financial crisis of 2008. Aims to help young people navigate chaos.

2020 continuing
Beat Retreat
Artist workshop retreats

Extension of the wildly successful Beat Sessions, the artist retreat aims to provide an intensive version of the one-day events. 

2019 continuing
Biohacking/Growth collective

By invitation only. International network of individuals dedicated to practical and esoteric techniques for optimal mind and body expansion.

Life doesn't get better, you do.

Principles and Values

Freedom is my most prized possession. I align myself with individuals and organisations that value freedom. Freedom to think, experiment and actualise.

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